Republicans In Collapse as More Americans Prefer ACA and Democratic Healthcare Plans

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Americans increasingly think Democrats have a better plan for healthcare than Republicans, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted after the White House announced that more people than expected had signed up for the “Obamacare” health plan.

Nearly one-third of respondents in the online survey released on Tuesday said they prefer Democrats’ plan, policy or approach to healthcare, compared to just 18 percent for Republicans. This marks both an uptick in support for Democrats and a slide for Republicans since a similar poll in February.

The change in the polling isn’t because Republicans have seen the light on the ACA, or that Independents are flocking to the law. The public polling changed because Democrats are finally embracing the ACA. Now that the law has been proven to both work and be popular, many Democrats are jumping on board.

This is the worst possible news for Republicans because they were counting on negativity about Obamacare to keep Democrats away from the polls this November. The success of the ACA appears to be boosting Democratic spirits, and could have voters looking forward to the election this November.

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Former Sheriff ‘Women Need To Be The First Ones Shot’ By Feds In Cattle Ranch Standoff (VIDEO)   


A former Arizona sheriff, Richard Mack, who is on the side of cattle ranchers in Nevada said that he would have allowed his own wife and daughters to be used as human shields and to be shot in the cattle ranch standoff  because it would look bad for the federal government on television.

In a statement to Fox News, Mack discussed his strategy to use women as shields if a gunfight erupted between “rogue federal agents” and rancher Cliven Bundy. Bundy owes taxpayers $1 million for allowing his cattle to graze on federal property.

“We were actually strategizing to put all the women up at the front. If they are going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are going to be televised all across the world getting shot by these rogue federal officers,” Bundy said.

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Wisconsin Republican Committee Votes To Uphold ‘Wisconsin’s Right… To Secede’


Earlier this month, the Wisconsin Republican Party’s Resolutions Committee voted to endorse a proposal expressing the party’s support for “legislation that upholds Wisconsin’s right, under extreme circumstances, to secede.” A stronger version of this resolution passed one of the state GOP’s eight regional caucuses in March. That version provided that “we strongly insist our state representatives work to uphold Wisconsin’s 10th Amendment rights,and our right to secede, passing legislation affirming this to the U.S. Federal Government.”

The full state party convention will consider the amended resolution in early May. To his credit, Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) distanced himself from the resolution.

Though there is no shortage of irony to the Party of Lincoln now morphing into the Party of Secession, this Wisconsin resolution is part of a larger pattern of conservatives questioning the legitimacy of the United States as a nation. Last week, several major conservative media figures, including Fox News’ Sean Hannity, promoted the cause of Cliven Bundy, a Nevada rancher who says that “I don’t recognize [the] United States Government as even existing.” On Saturday, federal officials announced that they would stop trying to enforce a court order against Bundy, at least for now, because of the potential for violence that resulted after armed right-wing militia members rallied to Bundy’s cause.

Article: Wisconsin Republican Committee Votes To Uphold ‘Wisconsin’s Right… To Secede’

Alan Grayson: The price of ideology: a woman's life

Excerpt from article:

This young mother didn’t have to die.

Charlene knew she had a heart problem, but she couldn’t afford the medications and frequent visits to the doctor. She worked three jobs but earned only $11,000 last year. With only $11,000 to feed her three children, keep a roof over their heads and pay the property taxes on her trailer, Charlene couldn’t afford standard health coverage. And because she made more than $5,400, she was not eligible for free or reduced-cost coverage under Florida Medicaid.

Floridians with annual incomes between $5,400 and $11,400 are stuck in the “Medicaid expansion gap.” Charlene Dill was one of an estimated 1 million uninsured Floridians who fell into that gap. It cost Charlene her life.

When Congress passed Obamacare, it included a provision to expand Medicaid coverage to the working poor, like Charlene. States expanding Medicaid would receive the full cost of that coverage from the federal government for three years, and then 90 percent of the cost after that. The U.S. Supreme Court determined that states could drop that expansion after the first three years, without penalty, and pay nothing.

The federal government committed more than $50 billion to fund Florida’s Medicaid expansion. You might think that our cash-strapped state would be clamoring for money to provide health care to the sick and poor. But you would be wrong. Republican ideologues in the Legislature refused the money. And now, Charlene Dill is gone.

Florida has the second highest rate of uninsured individuals in the nation. Twenty percent of our state has no coverage. When these people get sick, they go to the emergency room. Emergency rooms cannot provide long-term care, manage chronic health conditions or provide lifesaving treatments on a one-off basis.

Republican legislators argue that accepting funds from a bill that they opposed would be politically “inconsistent.” But what is more important, saving face or saving lives?

To Republican lawmakers in Tallahassee, on behalf of all of Florida, I have one request of you: Choose life. Expand Medicaid. Take the money. And spare 1 million Floridians from suffering, from sickness and from death.

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CBO: Obamacare Will Cost Less Than Projected, Cover 12 Million Uninsured People This Year

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The Congressional Budget Office has released updated estimates on the Affordable Care Act’s impact on both the budget and the health insurance industry. The findings show that the president’s signature health care law is actually growing cheaper to implement, costing the government $5 billion less in 2014 than was previously projected. The law also is projected to cover more individuals than previously believed, owing, in part, to some broader workforce trends.

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Obamacare's Revenge: The ACA Powers Charlie Crist To a 7 Point Lead Over Rick Scott      

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Former governor Charlie Crist has been one of the few Democrats running on Obamacare, and it is paying off. Crist has built a seven point lead over incumbent Republican Gov. Rick Scott in Florida.

A PPP poll of Florida found that Gov. Rick Scott’s refusal to expand Medicaid is hurting him with voters in the state. Democrat Charlie Crist has openly campaigned on the virtues of the ACA, and voters are responding positively. Crist leads Rick Scott 49%-42%.

Respondents were asked if they thought that Florida should have accepted the federal Obamacare funding to expand Medicaid and by a margin of 58%-33% they said that Scott should have taken the money. Those polled said that they were more likely to support Crist because he supports expanding Medicaid by a spread of 42%-33% with 24% saying that it made no difference to them. On the other hand, Scott’s refusal to expand Medicaid made 42% of those polled less likely to vote for him. Only 31% said Scott’s refusal of the ACA money made them more likely to vote for him.

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Louisiana Republicans Are Pushing A Bill To Adopt The Bible As The State Book (VIDEO)


Louisiana Republicans are pushing forward with a plan to force Christianity upon everyone in the state. In a move that blatantly violates the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, the GOP is advancing a bill that would name the Bible the state book.

HB 503 endorses a specific religion by declaring the Bible the Louisiana state book

HB 503 is a slap in the faces of all Louisiana residents who aren’t Christians. The bill is an effort to officially make the Bible the state book. On Thursday, the House Committee on Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs voted 8-5 to advance it to the full House.

Adopting a specific religious text as the state book is an endorsement of a specific religion. It ignores the books used by other religions. It also sends a message to the followers of other religions that the state doesn’t care about them. It causes division and wastes tax dollars. This is precisely why government and religion are separate in the first place.

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Image via Bernie Sanders

Image via Bernie Sanders


Mississippi Tea Party Candidate Defends Confederate Group, Says It’s Not Racist | FreakOutNation

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State Sen. Chris McDaniel (R-MS) was interviewed by the Weekly Standard and took that opportunity to defend the Sons of Confederate Veterans, whose organization he claims is not “racist.” McDaniel said, ”We’re talking about an organization that our governor is a member of, that in the past that our senators have been members of, that many members of our House and Senate are members of. It’s not a racist organization. It’s a historical organization filled with reenactors and collectors. That’s all it is.”

McDaniel previously denied going to one of the organization’s events in October.

Mother Jones reported,  ”…the tea party-backed Mississippi Senate candidate addressed a neo-Confederate conference and costume ball hosted by a group that promotes the work of present-day secessionists and contends the wrong side won the “war of southern independence.” Other speakers at the event included a historian who believes Lincoln was a Marxist and Ryan Walters, a PhD candidate who worked on McDaniel’s first political campaign and wrote recently that the “controversy” over President Barack Obama’s birth certificate “hasn’t really been solved.””

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Obama: The 'Real Voter Fraud' Comes From 'People Who Try To Deny Our Rights'

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President Barack Obama delivered a fiery speech against Republicans on Friday, charging that the GOP is threatening voting rights in America.

Appearing at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference, Obama cited a 2006 DOJ analysis showing that out of 197,000,000 votes cast for federal elections between 2002 and 2005, only 40 voters were indicted for fraud.

"For those of you who are math majors, that is a percentage that is 0.00002 percent," Obama said, drawing cheers from the crowd.

Obama then pointed to who he considers to be the real perpetrators: the people behind these “bogus” claims.

"Let’s be clear," Obama said. "The real voter fraud is people who try to deny our rights by making bogus arguments about voter fraud."

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The perils of Florida’s refusal to expand Medicaid - News & Features - Orlando Weekly

Excerpts from article: 

Charlene Dill didn’t have to die.

Dill’s death was not unpredictable, nor was it unpreventable. She had a documented heart condition for which she took medication. But she also happened to be one of the people who fall within the gap created by the 2012 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that allowed states to opt out of Medicaid expansion, which was a key part of the Affordable Care Act’s intention to make health care available to everyone. In the ensuing two years, 23 states have refused to expand Medicaid, including Florida, which rejected $51 billion from the federal government over the period of a decade to overhaul its Medicaid program to include people like Dill and Woolrich – people who work, but do not make enough money to qualify for the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies. They, like many, are victims of a political war – one that puts the lives and health of up to 17,000 U.S. residents and 2,000 Floridians annually in jeopardy, all in the name of rebelling against President Barack Obama’s health care plan.

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